“Twitter Pedagogy: An Educator Down the Twitter Rabbit Hole” by Kelsey Schmitz

I recently read this article, “Twitter Pedagogy: An Educator Down the Twitter Rabbit Hole,” by Kelsey Schmitz in the Hybrid Pedagogy journal online, and I find Schmitz brings up a big issue that we might not always consider: reflection when incorporating Twitter in the classroom. Sure, we’re all for experimenting and trying out new things in the class, but even Twitter has a set of best practices, as Schmitz explains, which, arguably, is the whole reason it should be incorporated in the classroom in the first place. Our job as educators is to, as Yancey put it in her 2004 CCCC address, prepare students to be part of a writing public. Learning successful composing techniques for a popular online network is part of that job.

Regardless, give this article a read. Schmitz touches upon interesting ideas for incorporating Twitter in the classroom. From my own experience, its either been a hit or miss in the classroom, so her suggestion for active reflection as we experiment with new technologies is not only well-founded, but necessary if we want to effectively incorporate new media in the classroom.